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Just as we tend to our physical health, it is also important to care for our mental health, as it influences our quality of life, relationships, and overall well-being. One way that mental health can be maintained or taken care of is through a sense of community.

As humans, we are social beings and not meant to live in isolation. Community, therefore, breeds connection and is crucial for us to thrive, especially because mental health symptoms often lead us to want to isolate.

Because of the above, it is important to know of different community resources available to you in your local area in case you or a loved one is in need. These resources can range from support groups to local and international numbers you can contact in case of an emergency, crisis, or intense/ongoing need(s).

Keep in mind that while you may not be in current need of community resources, it is important to keep them in the back of your mind in case a future situation is to arise. For instance, say a week from today you overhear someone talking about bad thoughts and have accustomed yourself to your local resources, you would then be able to provide that person with local suicide prevention numbers and a local depression support group, resources you might’ve otherwise never known about.

As we in Buffalo say, we’re the city of good neighbors. By equipping yourself with knowledge about local resources in your area, you could literally save a fellow neighbor’s life.

Be sure to look at our tab for a list of important resources and support groups that are highly beneficial!

Written by -Abbey Braun-

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