Dealing with Anger

I often say to clients that "It is okay to be angry, it's what you do with the anger that is important." This knowledge can be pivotal in changing a persons mindset when they have to confront their anger. Lashing out at someone physically is never okay and needs immediate help. Even verbally degrading someone is never okay. People have to learn what their triggers are and how to cope with them. One good coping skill is to get exercise. The research also shows that the classic hitting or screaming into a pillow is ineffective in the long run because the person is still dealing with anger in an aggressive way. So in this case what happens if someone becomes angry and there is no pillow around to scream is not or hit? This person may lash out if they don't have this access. Just remember that anger problems can be resolved and controlled. Also, our non-verbal behaviors play a major role in triggering emotions in others.


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