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I use a variety of counseling techniques and methods to help individuals, couples and families meet their needs. I use CBT, Person Centered, Solution Focused, Existential, and Psychoanalysis. We will use what is best for you. I have experience working with children, adolescents and adults. This includes active listening, empathy and support. Counseling is not a service that is strickly advice giving or telling you what to do. We work together to come to the best solution and the path that makes sense in your situation. It is helping you to build meaningful goals, coping mechanisms and a positive future while working on the here and now.

CBT - CBT therapy is designed to help clients understand their thoughts and behaviors that relate to their difficulties. It helps to change patterns of thinking and behaving resulting in a person feeling better. This approach is goal directed and includes working through problems. I use CBT to treat anxiety, depression, anger, panic attacks, relationship issues and impulsive disorders. We will examine certain scenarios in your life and discuss how to deal with them. It works well with adults and adolescents. CBT is one of the most popular forms of therapy.

Person Centered - This type of therapy is more passive on the part of the therapist and involves active listening, exploring the persons issues, views the person as an autonomous, and a sharing of ideas between the client and therapist. It's more like an open conversation. I use the person centered approach to treat anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship concerns and to help explore what could be going on with a person.

Solution Focused - This therapy is goal directed and specific to a problem the client wants to solve. In solution focused there is brain storming and looking at how to meet these goals. This therapy tends to be shorter and is usually not used for psychiatric issues. Solution focused is used to look at specific problems and how to solve them. This could be having difficulties making decisions, difficulties with choosing something, career counseling and examines what resources the person has now in order to meet their future goals.

Psychoanalysis - ​In this therapy it examines the past as cause for mental health concerns. It explores childhood to current and looks to find areas that have caused mental health concerns. The person would then work through those concerns with their therapist. It works to release repressed emotions and to help the client gain insight into their condition. Helps to explain why someone might have a disorder. This is a longer term therapy and was introduced by Sigmund Freud.


Existential - This therapy is unique and catered to someone who wants to explore value and meaning in their life. It is not a traditional form of therapy because it tends to be used for people who have questions about their existence and how it causes them pain. This therapy explores bigger questions such as why am i here? or What is the meaning of my life? It is more abstract and philosophical in its nature. It tends to work well for college students, adults in life transitions, someone retiring or exploring meaning in life. It helps to define what the person realistically wants out of life and examines death, freedom, responsibility and meaning.





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