Counseling Services

Individual Counseling - Sometimes people need extra support. Many individuals seek therapy for anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, self-discovery, and substance abuse. Having an empathic person to talk to and work through your concerns can be a powerful experience. It can help to improve relations, self-esteem, and overall well being.

Marriage and Couples Counseling - Marriages and relationships can be stressful. Couples come to counseling for many different reasons. A few concerns are to improve communication, infidelity, improve intimacy and to build life goals. Couples counseling can help to get the couple back on track and working together.

Family Counseling - This may include a mix of couples, individual, and family sessions in order to improve functioning. Sometimes families need help in areas such as parenting, adjusting to divorce/mixing families, passing of a loved one or conflict within the family. Counseling can improve these family dynamics.

Teens/Adolescents - This is one of the most difficult times in our development. Teens go through many rapid physical, social, emotional, and life changes. They may need help understanding these changes and how to cope with new life stressors as they enter adulthood. Counseling can help teens deal with these concerns.